It’s always interesting to me to see what people are searching for when they find my blog.  Sometimes I think that what I have on my site is probably helpful to them – especially if we have a common ancestor or area of interest.  There are other times though that I can’t help but think that these people must have been disappointed to find me….

I got this idea from Amy over at the wonderful We Tree blog.  🙂  Head over there to read her interesting searches.

War of 1812  
This is probably one of the most popular search terms that brings people to my site – and that scares me.  I have no expertise and little advice on War of 1812 research.  I do have an ancestor who I think served, but I have yet to prove that.  Sorry.  I guess maybe I should do some more research and study so that I can write a proper post about this war since everyone seems so interested!!

Where Hungarians lived when they immigrated to America
I am so sorry if you came to my site looking for information on Hungarian research. I’m not sure why you were directed here, but I have NO Hungarian ancestors and no knowledge of Hungarian research.

Drank himself to death
I do have an ancestor that appears to have died of drink.

Book-a-holic website
I am a book-a-holic for sure.

I am sorry you have lost a branch off your family tree.
How sad. How on earth did you lose a branch off your tree??  I’m sorry too.

Setting of Don Quixote.
I do have an ancestor who lived in the region of Spain where Don Quixote was based.

Where is Niagara Falls located on a map.
You are much better off using Google Maps for this question.

Vapor Bath 19th Century
I did in fact mention vapor baths in one of my Shopping Through the Ages posts.

The building where cookie monster lives
I’m not kidding. I don’t ever recall talking about cookie monster. Or where he lives. And he’s definitely not in my family tree – although I do really like cookies.

Old West Mini Roulette
Sounds like fun!

Greek Family Tree including Atalanta
I don’t have any Greek roots (that I know of) and I definitely am not related to the Greek Gods. 🙂

bicentennial baby girl
That’s me!!

in every family is there some one famous?
I suppose eventually there is.

happiness is a warm puppy
My mom passed this book on to me and I’ve always loved it.

reading Chinese gravestones
Can’t help you there. I could probably help with Russian ones! 🙂

spain basque farmer clothing

treasures in walls benton county iowa
I wonder what treasures might lie in the walls of Benton County, IA. Who knows what might be found!

what happened to the moorman slaves of virginia
I do have Moorman ancestors who lived in Virginia and owned slaves. I’m more than happy to share what little info I have on them!

dutch police handcuffs
I’m baffled. No answer here.

i am my ancestors
Yes, we are all part of our ancestors.

diaper 11 yrs
Hmmm. Is this an 11 yr old diaper or an 11 yr old in a diaper? Either way, I’m not sure why google sent you here. 🙂

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The weeks are really flying by for me. I did a bit of genealogy this past week – mostly transcribing documents from the my pile of papers that need to be scanned and entered into my computer.  It feels so good to get them entered, even if it’s only a little at a time.  It all adds up.

Besides genealogy and homeschooling the kids, I managed to walk 43 miles this week!!!  That is a lot of miles, if I do say so myself.  I have the sore legs to prove it. 🙂

Oh, we’re also starting plan a trip for Spring Break.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to include any family history research along the way. I just don’t have any ancestors who lived in Arizona and New Mexico – and we’re going to make a big loop around both states, hitting Tombstone, Tucson, Phoenix, Sedona, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, and Albuquerque to name a few places .  (We’ll mostly just be hitting the National Parks along that route – my husband steers clear of big cities when he can).  We don’t have any definite plans yet, but I think it will be a beautiful drive!!  And I will (of course) take tons of pictures.

And on to this week’s favorite finds:

  • The Family Curator reminds us to always look inside the historical books and Bibles.  You never know what you’ll find inside!
  • Don’t rely on what’s written in an obituary as the truth.  I have come across so many mistakes in obituaries, it’s mind-boggling.  Karen at Genealogy Frame of Mind gives some good advice. 🙂
  • Keep your stories coming Linda!  Head over to Family Archaeologist and read An FBI Investigation. It’s amazing to think that things like that happened in our country.
  • I love Pinterest, although I try not to get on there too often.  It’s absolutely addicting and before you realize it, you’ve spent hours looking through pins.  DearMYRTLE is right though – it will never replace blogs.  If it did, there would be nothing to pin! 🙂
  • Do you know what a “breast complaint” is?  If you do, head over to AK’s Genealogy Research and help Annette out.  Some of those old causes of death are very hard to understand.
  • Registration is now open for the FGS Conference in Birmingham this September.  If I only knew where we were going to be living in the fall, then maybe I could make some plans.  We’re just waiting on the Army to let us know where our next home will be!!  If we get stationed somewhere in the Southeast, then I think I might try to make it!!  Read the conference blog for more information.
  • Tonight’s edition of Geneabloggers radio is Go Local: Local History and Genealogy.  I hope I can make it!!

And a few pictures from this week.  We went on a hike at Dripping Springs near Las Cruces, NM.  It was a gorgeous walk!

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My great-great grandfather, Ari Agee must have had a line of credit with the local store – Seaton Store, because there was a bill from them amongst his probate records.

Earlier this year, I drove through Delphos, Iowa and saw what’s left of the old store.  Not much.

Here is the bill.  I find it interesting reading about the different purchases he made in June of 1938, the month he died.

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Donna Belle Deva Edwards (married Thornton) was my paternal grandmother.

I think this is the only picture I have of her as a small child and I cherish it.  I know it needs to be fixed up and retouched (Cherie, I hear it coming!) but I’m holding off as I am hoping to get a better scan of the original picture.  This is a scan of a bad copy. 🙁

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I know I’ve already said this a number of times, but I love inventories. There is just something so special about peeking into someone’s home from a hundred or more years ago and being able to see the things that they owned.

Joseph Campbell was a half-brother to my husband’s 3rd great-grandfather, William Campbell.  They both lived in Indiana County, PA.

Joseph appears to have been pretty well off.  He even owned a silver watch worth $10.  🙂

Inventory of the Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits of Joseph Campbell late of Center Township Indiana county, deceased.

Indiana County, ss.

We John H. Allison + W. H. McMullen do swear by Almighty God, the searcher of all hearts, that we will well and truly, and without prejudice or partiality, value and appraise the Goods, Chattels, and Credits of Joseph Campbell late of Center Township Indiana County, deceased, and in all respects perform our duty as appraisers, to the best of our skill and judgment, and that as we shall answer to God at the Great Day.

Sworn and subscribed before me this 29 ” day of May 1879} John H. Allison        W H McMullen

D. R. Lewis Register

3 Cows – $15                        $45.00
3 Yearling calves 6 18.00
2 Spring calves 3 6.00
One Sorrel mare & colt 50.00
” Brown mare & colt 60.00
Six Shoats 10.00
5 Sheep 12.50
5 Lambs 10.00
One Farm Wagon 18.00
” Spring Wagon 15.00
One corn drill 2.00
” Harrow 2.50
” Log Chain 1.00
One Spread chain .50
” cultivator 2.50
” Plow 1.50
2 Setts Heavy harness 25.00
Single trees 1.00
One man’s saddle 2.00
2 Riding Bridles 1.50
2 Halters .50
One mattock .75

carried over $285.25

Amount brought over $285.25

One manure fork .50
2 cant Hooks .50
One Hoisting jack .50
” Half bushel measure .50
” Sheep Skin .50
” Half Barrel salt .50
One fanning mill 8.00
” Grain Shovel .25
2 pitch forks .20
1 pair hay ladders .50
Hay fork and tackle 9.00
4 Bushels of wheat $1 4.00
4 Do Oats 1.00
5 Old Barrels .25
One Grindstone .50
A lot of loose irons about saw mill 1.00
4 Acres of oats in ground 12.00
3 Do in Growing wheat 9.00
4 Do ” corn 16.00
5 Do ” Rye 10.00
One old axe .25
One half interest in Russel Mower 20.00
” Hay Rake 12.00
” Old Sled and Box 1.00
” Lot of Oak posts 1.00
One Garden Spade .40
2 corn Hoes .40
2 Hives of Bees $4 8.00
2 mowing scythes 1.00
One Grain cradle 2.00
One lot of feathers 3.00
” spinning wheel .50
2 Grain Rakes .30
” piece of Harness .50
One large chest and contents 4.00
” small chest of drawers 1.50
stand .50
[new page]
one large chest and contents 4.00
” small chest of drawers 1.50
” ” stand .50
” clock case 1.00
One Bedstead and bedding 3.00
” Do ” Do” 5.00
4 Bed quilts 4.00
map of Indiana County 1.00
2 sickles .40
One side saddle 3.00
” lot of wool 5.00
” churn .50
meat vessels and cider Bbl. 2.00
2 Spinning wheels 2.50
One Reel 1.00
One churn 1.00
Old Bread tray .50
Flour and corn meal 1.25
4 Grain sacks 1.00
One Bureau 5.00
” Bedstead and Bedding 10.00
” Table and cover 4.00
” Do 3.00
One Stand .60
11 chairs 40c 4.40
One Rocking chair 1.00
A lot of Books 10.00
One Bedstead and Bedding 6.00
” Dough Tray 1.00
One clock 2.50
2 old looking Glasses 1.00
One cook stove 3.00
Contents of cupboard 4.00
A lot of crockery and Tin ware 1.50
One silver Watch 10.00

We do Certify that after being duly sworn as appraisers, we attended at the late residence of Joseph Campbell deceased, in Center Township Indiana County, on the 5th day of June A.D. 1879, when and where the foregoing articles were exhibited to us, an that we appraised the same as above stated.
Witness our hands this Fifth day of June 1879.
John H. Allison
W H McMullen

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