This picture was taken at my 3rd great-grandparents 50th wedding anniversary celebration/family reunion in Tipton, MO.  They are the older couple sitting in the middle.

They were married 2 Jan 1858 in Tipton, Moniteau, Mo so I’m assuming that this was taken around that date in 1908.

Even though the writing is  a bit distracting to the picture, I’m thankful that some of the people have been identified.  I think this picture is quite the treasure.2013-10-20_020

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This is one of my favorite pieces of paper to find in a Civil War pension packet.  It is often the only place you can find a marriage record or exact birth dates for children.  This also lists his wife’s maiden name and who married them.  Thankfully, I have several of these in my collection.

This one is for my 3rd great-grandfather, John Henry Becker.2013-10-20_028

Are you lucky enough to have any of these for your ancestors?

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This is the appraisment of the estate of Silas Moorman, dated 31 March 1777.  He was my first cousin, 7 times removed.

I have left out the worth of the items, simply because it’s hard for me to write them here.

Unfortunately, it is only the first half of his appraisal.  I actually was making a copy of the document on the previous page, which continued onto this one (I was in a REAL time crunch since I had 5 kids and a tired husband waiting in the car for me while I was making copies in the courthouse).  So here, is half of the appraisal.:(

2013-10-21_014The appraisement of Silas Moorman Decd Estate March 31st 1777

To four sides of Tan Leather To one Mans Saddle Cloth
To 1 Small Shott Gun To One Larg Shott Gun
To three Raw Cow hides To one set of Cart Boxes
To one pr of Saddle Bags To one Womens Saddle
To one Chern + can To one Bed Cover
To Working Tools To two Bells
To one pr Pinches + one hand Saw two Chessels one gouge one Drawing Knife

To one Brass cettle To 1 Pan
To one shovel + Tongs To two Potts + Pott Hooks
To one Tea Cettle To three flat Irons
To one Linen Wheel To one Cotton Wheel
To Six Cheers To 1 Chest
To one Hare Trunk To one Safe
To one small Trunk To two bowls To one Tumbler To five Earthen Plates
To four Cups + ? one milk Pott To one glass ?
To three Books To two small Trunks
To one picker To Six small Jugs
To four Bottles To one Spice Morter + Pestle
To Three Butter Potts
To four Basons four Dishes one dozen Plates + Seven Spoons
To knives and forks to small Box To one Table
To one Candlestick and Snuffer

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The man on the right is my husband’s great-grandfather, Rev. Nicholas Van Cossaboon {1877-1949}.

It looks like this may have been taken at some sort of a lodge function (just my guess).  He was a member of many different organizations, including: Rebekahs, I.O.O.F., Ancient Arabic Order, Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite, Royal Arch Masons, Knights Templar, Free and Accepted Masons.  Any guess as to which this could be?2013-10-20_007

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