Austin Agee was a brother to my great-grandmother, Viva Lena Agee Edwards.
Their father, Ari Austin Agee, died in 1938. Austin signed over his interest in the inheritance (not that it was a lot of money) over to his wife, Cleo.  I’m not exactly sure why he would do this.


I, Austin Agee, of full age and under no legal disability, do this 7th day of July 1938, assign, transfer, and _______ any and all interest that I have in the estate of my father Ari Austin Agee, late of the County of Ringgold and the State of Iowa, to my wife, Cleo Agee, for the sum of One Dollar and other valuable consideration, the receipt thereof is hereby acknowledged, and I further authorize the person or person whosoever in charge of his estate to pay my inherited interest to the said Cleo Agee, she having bought my interest in the estate of my father.

Dated at Hastings, Nebraska

{signed} Austin A. Agee

{signed} Ernest Johnson, Notary Public   Adams County, Neb.

  • Mariann Regan - May 27, 2013 - 7:09 pm

    Interesting. Why was this step even necessary? Maybe there was some tangle in the state law that would have prevented her automatically receiving this inheritance as his wife? Or some peculiarity in the will? Or maybe his father had something against her.ReplyCancel

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Ellsworth Pierce was the brother of my husband’s great-grandmother, Lillian Pierce Cossaboon. He lived in Bridgeton, New Jersey and was a drugless physician. I found these various articles/ads about him in the Bridgeton Evening News, dated May/June 1920. Perhaps this explains why I found an article on him rolling around in the snow for his heath.:)

Practicing. Ellsworth Pierce D.P. (drugless physician) is now practicing in Bridgeton, his office being at his residence, 143 Fayette street. Mr. Pierce has been studying for four years and went to Chicago for the last eight weeks of the course at the International College of Drugless Physicians. The features of this “school” are massage, dietetics, corrective exercise, hydrotherapy, mechanotherapy, and spondylotheraphy. Your attention is called to the advertisements in the Evening News.

That tired, devitalized condition of your body is not normal, and it can be easily and pleasantly relieved and revivified with the natural nerve stimulants and the elimination of the fatigue poisons.  Ellsworth Pierce,, D.P. Drugless Physician Phone 88 143 Fayette St. 6-26 lt

Your body is composed of sixteen well known chemical elements and if these are supplied in their natural organic form and in the normal quantities, your body is normally and correctly fed and healthy tissue formed, if not your body is relatively starved and disease of some nature results.  These facts are for you to know.  Ellsworth Pierce, D.P. Drugless Physician, 143 Fayette St. 6-5 lt Phone 880

  • Mariann Regan - May 26, 2013 - 10:11 pm

    This is a surprise to me. I have never, ever heard of a “drugless physician,” even though I know people who practice alternative medicine — including our son. I’ll have to ask him.ReplyCancel

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This article is very loosely connected to my husband’s Pierce line. Ellsworth Pierce, one of the pallbearers, was the brother to my husband’s great-grandmother, Lillian Pierce Cossaboon.
Even though this article doesn’t really concern my family, I thought that I’d post it, because it’s so sad. This article was in the Bridgeton Evening News, dated 31 January 1910.

  • Mariann Regan - May 26, 2013 - 8:19 pm

    A sad life, borne patiently. I thought at first that you were writing about a war veteran, but then I looked at the date. In a way, his whole life was a war against his illness.ReplyCancel

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Here is another precious photo of my 3rd great-grandmother, Louisa Pottgen Thornton. It was taken by Patch, on 413 4th Street in Sioux City, Iowa.

  • Mariann Regan - May 25, 2013 - 5:42 pm

    An honest face, and a clear photograph. I am always amazed at how clear these very old photographs can be, and you have a fine one here. I notice the scarf pin.ReplyCancel

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