Charles Moorman was my 6th great grandfather.  He was a plantation owner in Bedford County, Virginia.  He died 23 Oct 1803 and this is his estate sale, dated 21 Jan and 10 Feb 1804.

I have written out most of the information from the document, minus all of the numbers.  I put the final total at the bottom.  It was too hard for me to keep the columns even.

I think it’s so interesting reading through the things that my ancestors owned.  It helps me make a mental picture of  what their home may have looked like.

I love the little details – like the tea cups, looking glass, and especially the names of the books they owned:

Family Bible (I wonder if someone has this today!)
Johnson’s Dictionary
Henning’s Justice  ( I may have this wrong, but wasn’t able to find it under Hennings, Hemmings or Flemmings Justice.  Does anyone know what this book is?)
Buchan’s Family Physician – being an attempt to render the medical art more generally useful, by shewing people what is in their own power both with respect to the prevention and cure of diseases. Chiefly calculated to recommend a proper attention to regimen and simple medicines
Barclay’s Apology – This was a defense of Quakerism and was first published in 1678. I had thought that Quakers didn’t own slaves, so I’m not sure why they would have this book since they were slaveowners.  I will have to look into this a bit more.


List of Sales of the Estate of Charles Moorman decd January 21 1804 + Feby 10.

Edward Pegram   1 Halter Chain

William Thornhill 2 Coulters
1 half shear

Edward Hancock a parcel of chains
2 Hoes

Febry 10th
Thomas Watson 1 Shovel plow
1 ax , 1 Trowel Hoe
1 Hilling Hoe 1 plow hoe
1 ??????????
1 Shot Gun
1 Ball Auger
1 Hone 2 Razors ?
1 Flat Iron

William Burnsides 1 Lot of Old Iron
1 pair breast chains + Cart Boxes

David Crenshaw 1 Broad Ax + foot adj
1 musket

Jordan Reese 1 Case of Bottles
1 ? 1 Grindstone
1 Cask 1 Smoothing plain
1 Folding Table
Chain + Stirrup Irons

Enoch Hogan Buchan’s Family Physician
Hennings Justice

Hunter Peal ?
John Vest Barclay’s Apology

John Preston 1 Flax Wheel

James Eckhols Waggon Box + bands
1 Lock Chain
1 Sorrell mare
1 Case Bottles
1 Rifle Gun
1 Musket
1 Dish Bason 5 plates + four spoons
3 Deer Skins

James Moorman 1 Cut saw
1 Wire Sieve
1 Johnson’s Dictionary
1 Scythe + Cradle
1 pr. Chains
1 pr Tooth drawers + 1 Loggerhead
1 Tea Kettle
1 pr Sheep Shears
1 pr fire Tongs
2 Pigs 1 Womans Old Saddle
3 Flour Bandles
1 pr ? + Traces

Dandridge Tucker 1 Cow + Calf

William Gilpin 1 young mare

Francis Selle 1 Sorrel Horse C?

William Johnson Waggon Boxes + Bands
1 Bell + Cholar

John Hancock 1 pair Steelyards…

Nancy Moorman 14 Hogs 8 Pigs
1 Black Cow
1 __Ditto + Bell
1 Red Do Half
1 Red Heifer with Calf
1 Black mare
1 Bay Horse
a quantity of Walnut planks + Scantling
3 axes ….?
2 H? Family Bible
1 Flax Wheel
2 Cotton Do
1 Scythe + Cradle
1 Cutting Knife + Box
1 Shot Gun
1 Haes 2 singletrees
2 Shovel Plows 1 Coutter
3 Bottles 2 Flat Irons
1 Man’s Saddle 1 Candlestick
1 Sugar Dish + Bowl
4 Table Knives + forks
1 Quart Decanter
1 Feather Bed Bedstead + furniture
1 Ditto Ditto Do
1 Ditto Ditto Do
1 Ditto Ditto Do
1 Womans Saddle
1 chest 4 Yearlings
2 Cots + 3 Dutch Ovens
1 Iron Wedge 1 Washing Tub
3 Water Pails 1 Iron Shovel
1 Cedar Churn 1 Fat T?
1 Hogshead 6 Geese
1 Waggon + hind gere
1 Screw Auger 1 Cask
1 Drawing Knife 5 Reap Hooks
2 Clevises
1 coffee Pot 1 Sugar Box
1 pr Cotton Cards 1 Trunk
1 Looking Glass 1 Set Candle moulds
1 Clothes Brush 1 Coffee mill
1 Loom 1 doz Pewter Plates
2 Dishes 1 Bason + 6 spoons
1 ? 1 milk Pot 3 Tin Cups 4 Coffee Cups
3 Tea Do 2 Saucers + 10 Tea Spoons
3 Dishes + 12 Plates
1 Tea Pot
1 Butter Pot 1 Corner Cupboard
9 chairs 2 Slays 1 Chest

William Leftwich Shoe Tools Harness + Traces

Samuel Hancock 5 files
Amount of Sales…… 200 11 2

In a Court held for Bedford County at the Courthouse the 27 day of February 1804
This return of the Amount of Sales of the Estate of Charles Moorman decd was exhibited in Court + ordered to be recorded.
Teste J Steptoe CBC


  • Melanie Frick - January 22, 2014 - 9:17 pm

    That’s wonderful that the titles of the books were given – what an insight into what kind of person your ancestor might have been! I’ve always despaired over a probate record that I have for one of my ancestors that just names a Bible and “some other books.” Argh!ReplyCancel

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Darlene was my great aunt – my Papa’s sister. She never married.

I believe my parents made it back to her funeral in Sioux City, Iowa.  It was a year after I graduated from high school and I wasn’t able to make it.

Darlene L. Thornton
Born August 6, 1920
Died July 5, 1995


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Robertson, John - Firefighter

This is a picture of my great-great grandfather, John Edgar Robertson (1866-1954).

Does this look like he might have been a firefighter?

Looking at his census records, I have him listed as a farmer, a teamster, a shipping clerk, an American Express clerk, and working at Railway Express.

I don’t think he would have carried an axe in any of those jobs though.  What do you think?

  • Jerry Criswell - January 15, 2014 - 10:21 am

    The badge on his hat is definitely fire service related. He probably was a volunteer firefighter which would not be listed as an occupation.ReplyCancel

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