Charles Moorman was my 5th great-grandfather.  He died 23 Oct 1803 in Bedford County, Virginia.

This is the Account Current report for his estate, dated 23 July 1805. The transcription is below the images.

2013-12-21_0062013-12-21_007The Estate of Charles Moorman Decd in a/c with Nancy Moorman administratrix

To Cash paid John Taylor as Recd No 1 ” 15 9
” Ditto paid Wm Clayton 2 ” 16 ”
” Ditto paid Moses Embre 3 ” 12 3
” Ditto paid Henry Deardorf 4 1 3 –
” paid James Eckhols for selling property 5 3 3 –
” paid James White Season of
” 3 Mares to Telegraph 6 2 14 –
” paid John Hancock 7 ” 12 9
” paid Wm Burnsides 8 2 1 3
” paid Joseph Fugua 9 3 ” –
” paid Mary Hampton 10 – 16 –
” paid Joseph Fugua 11 1 19 –
” paid Ditto 12 3 19 –
” paid Charles Marckle 13 3 9 9
” paid Enoch Hogan 14 ” 15 –
” paid Saunders + Leftwich 15 16 8 6
” paid Hunter Peal 16 2 18 10
” paid Ditto 17 1 ” ”
39 14 12
” paid Ditto 18 – 16 5
” paid Ditto 19 ” 3 7
” paid Ditto 20 ” 19 6
” paid Uriah Squires 21 3 11 3
” paid D Crenshaw 22 ” 8 4
” paid John Vest ” 6 ”
“paid Wm Brown 64 15 7
71 0 6 1/2
paid for Spirits at Sales 1 4 –
To 1 years boarding Charles Moorman 7 10 ”
To 2 Do boarding + Cloathing Thomas Moorman 17 10 ”
To boarding + Cloathing 4 children to wit Nancy, Sam Edwin + John two years at 9 pounds 1 year each 72 – –
To 1 years nursing + raising one child Achilles Moorman 9 – –
To boarding + cloathing 2 Small Negroes two years 10 – –
To my thirds of Hire of Negroes 63 10 4
To Cash paid … at Sale ” 6 ”
To Do Do for … Tobo ” 2 ”
181 9 4
To allowance for Services as administrx 18 18
To Balance the estate … 298 13 –
615 7 0

By amount of Sales of personal Estate
Slaves excepted as if returned made to Court } 200 11 2
By William Mitchell for parcel Tobo
with T. Watson} 2 14 2
By sale of a Negro Jack sold Elisha Perkins } 142 14 –
345 19 4
1805 By Hire of Molly + Lucy to Willis Cole 32 16 –
1804 By Hire of Jack + Lucy to Eckaner Brambell 40 4 –
1804 By Hire of Molly to W. Moorman 15 1 –
By Hire of David two years 50 – –
By Hire of Beck two years 27 – –
By Hire of Ezbell two Do 25 10 –
By sale of Crop Tobo 4380 78 16 8
269 7 8
615 7 –
By Balance as …… 298 13 –
July 23rd 1805
W.L Walker
W Leftwich Jun
Christopher Clark

In a Court held for Bedford County at the Courthouse the 23rd day of July 1805. This State + Settlement of the account Currents of the Estate of Charles Moorman Decd with Nancy Moorman the administratrix exhibited in Court + ….recorded.
Teste J. Steptoe CBC


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Frederic J. Sanchez, 1873-1919  Halferty Cemetery, Keokuk County, Iowa.

He was the son of Peter Paul Sanchez-Tereso and Sarah Lucretia Franklin.2013-12-31_010

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This document was in Bedford County, VA Will Book 2, page 125-6.

Thomas Moorman was my 6th great-grandfather.  He died in 1766, but this document is dated 1792 (in court in 1794).  At first, I couldn’t understand why there was probate paperwork almost 30 years after he died, but then I realized that his wife died in 1792 and that this division must have been done upon her death.  According to his will, after a couple of bequests were given out, the rest of his estate was to be divided equally amongst his children.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this document though. From what I can tell, it is a division of the slaves from his estate, although I don’t understand what it all means.  Please correct me if I”m wrong!!

There are 13 slaves listed in total: Rore, Peter, Pall, Venus, Jenny, Moll (Moll Sambo), Davy, Isabella, Sycy, Harry, Little Batt, Judy, and Moll (called Mooll Peter).

I transcribed the words below the images, but I left out the numbers.

Rore Rachel Goggins Lot
To pay Clark Moorman
Peter Andrew Moormans Lot
To pay Molley Miller
To pay Zachariah Moorman
To Charles Moorman
To Micajah Moorman
Pall William Johnsons Lott
To Pay Clark Moorman
Venus Achilles Moorman Lot
To Pay Clark Moorman
To Pay Molly Miller
Jenny Zachariah Moormans Lot
Moll (Calld Moll Sambo)
To Receive from Andrew Moorman
Davy Charles Moormans Lot
Isabella ———–
To Receive from Andrew Moorman
Lycy Micajah Moormans Lot
To Receive from Andrew Moorman
Dinah Clark Moormans Lott
To Receive from Rachel Goggins
From William Johnsons
From Achilles Moorman
Little Batt Molly Millers Lot
Moll (Called Mooll Peter)
To receive from Achilles Moorman
From Achilles Moorman
In obedience to an Order of Bedford Court We the subscribers have divided the Estate of Thomas Moorman Deceased agreeable to his Last Will + Testament amongst the several Legatees as above recited. Given under our hands this 26th Decr 1792
Joseph Poindexter Bolling Clark Jesse Binton

At a Court held for Bedford County the 27th day of January 1794 This Division of the Estate of Thomas Moorman Deceased was returned to Court + ordered to be recorded, Teste
Ja. Steptoe CBC

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Sophia {Ross} Pottgen was my 4th great-grandmother. Her husband, Francis Pottgen had died in 1853 and she didn’t remarry. She lived in Alton, Illinois – across the river from St. Louis, Missouri.

This is her will.  I have transcribed it below the images.

She divided up her estate between her three living children – Louisa Thornton {my 3rd great-grandmother}, Kate Harris, and Joseph Pottgen.
Know all men by these presents That I Sophia Pottgen of the City of Alton County of Madison and State of Illinois being weak in body but of sound mind and memory do make ordain and establish this to be my last will and testament hereby revoking all others and I do hereby appoint James Thornton of the City of Alton County Madison and State of Illinois to be the Executor of this my last will and testament.

First It is my will that all my Just debts be paid.

Second. After the payment of all my Just debts and funeral expenses I ordain and desire that my real estate being Lot Seven Block twenty in Pope and others Addition be sold at public or private sale as my executor may desire best.

Third. I give and bequeath to my daughters Louisa Thornton and Kate Harris and to my son Joseph Pottgen One Third of my personal estate money etc. to each. That is to say One Third of my personal property money etc. to Louisa Thornton One Third of my personal property money etc to Kate Harris and one Third of my personal property money etc to Joseph Pottgen. In testimony whereof I have hererunto set my hand and affixed my seal this Twenty seventh day of October in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy four.

Sophia Pottgen [Seal]

Signed and acknowledged before us the date above mentioned
John w. Coppinger
Phil Thornton
Barney Reilly

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