After a very long break, I’m back again with Shopping Through the Ages. This year we’ll be shopping through the 1910 Sears & Roebuck catalog.

Here are some of the fun things that I found…..

The 1910 model Sears Auto-Cycle…


Items to help keep your baby safe.  A very primitive looking walker and the “Holdem” baby strap.  Really, I can’t imagine having a baby before the advent of high chairs.

2014-12-30_0022I liked this full-page spread on Bibles.  It was one of the few pages in color.


Along with the pages on carpets.  They had some very colorful patterns available.


Some interesting pins.  You can tell that this catalog is before WWII.  The swastika was an emblem bringing good luck.  I wonder how many people got rid of that pin when WWII started.


I found some exotic perfumes.  The scent of the Orient and Royal Shamrocks.


Here are some interesting toys:

A celluloid doll and bathing outfit.  Mechanical toy books. Architectural building blocks (I LOVE these!!). A tiny town post office, complete with postmaster cap. Tin soldiers in camp. Toy automobiles.

Here are a couple more toys – a toy grocery store so that kids can play storekeeper.:) Also toy sewing machines – which actually makes a good stitch.

2014-12-31_0009Here are a few of the Christmas offerings…. ornaments, Santa Claus masks, stockings, and Christmas remembrance booklets.

2014-12-31_0010Here are a few examples of girls’ clothing.  I can’t imagine my little girls walking around in one of these outfits.  The hats!!


And a few examples of men’s clothing.2014-12-31_0005And then a LOT of women’s clothing, because it’s fun to see what was in fashion.

2014-12-31_00112014-12-31_00132014-12-31_00142014-12-31_0015And here are some colorful shoes.  The ones on the bottom look very pointy!2014-12-31_0007I found maternity skirts and “waists” or blouses. These women don’t look very pregnant to me though.  They have some awfully tiny waists.:)

2014-12-31_0029A few toys…. trains, bank, mechanical airships and planes.


And Teddy Bears!! Made famous by Theodore Roosevelt.


Look at the details of this wallpaper!  Have you found any of these while remodeling an old house??


This is quite the dining room suite.  What beautiful furniture.  2014-12-31_0018

And a full-up bathroom.  What a luxury.:)2014-12-31_0019Here are a couple of books that I found.  “The Life of Theodore Roosevelt” and “Wizard of Oz”.

I thought that these were a bit creepy looking.  I don’t think I’d want a head shaped pitcher or tobacco jar. Not that I need a tobacco jar.:)


Here is a basketball hoop – which appears to be closed during a match.  That would slow the game down a bit, wouldn’t it?

I’m sure that most women would need these water wings.  Who on earth could swim in a dress without being pulled to the bottom??


This was one of my favorite pages in this edition.  Children’s costumes!!2014-12-31_0023Wouldn’t you love to ride in one of these in the winter?  I would in theory.  I’m sure that it was COLD though!!  I’ll stick to the comfort of my heated car.


I also found a “Leather Stork Bag” or diaper bag as we’d call it today. Enough room for bottles and diapers.


And look at this early telephone – and a peanut vending machine!!2014-12-31_0027

Here are some items from Japan.  2014-12-31_0028Rings….
2014-12-31_0031Comical conversation cards, a beautiful easel/writing desk, and a gyroscope top.

And lastly, a graveyard shell.  2014-12-31_0034

Next time, I’ll be shopping through 1911.

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I was feeling artsy over the Christmas holidays and decided to make a “subway art” style poster of our last names using Photoshop.

I opened a new file and chose I color (I always love green).

I then typed out a lot of the last names of our ancestors (just the main lines up the tree). I used a different font for each one.  There are many free fonts available online, so you’re not stuck with just the ones that came with your computer.  When I finished, I added a texture over the top to make it look a bit weathered.  Here is what the file looked like when I was finished:


I am pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Here it is on the wall:2015-01-02_0001

As you can see, the one mistake I made is the size.  It didn’t fit into the frame I have (so I cut the sides a bit rather than spending more money). What do you think?


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2014-12-31_0038I’m so glad that my mom saved this book for me. I’m the eldest child, so, of course, mine is overfilled with report cards, tests, awards, etc. I think that as you go down the line to my sister and then two brothers, theirs aren’t nearly as full as mine.   But that’s the way it goes – I understand that now that I have 5 children of my own!:)

2014-12-31_0036Even silly poems.  Not sure who this was for.:)2014-12-31_00372014-12-31_0039

Now I feel a little bit sad that my kids don’t have a School Days book – but we homeschool and it wouldn’t be the same. They’d have to write that their favorite teacher is me.:)2014-12-31_0040

Do you have one of these books from your childhood?

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