This was found on  It was in the Seattle Times on 20 Aug 1964.  Michael Keene would be my mother’s first cousin.  He was so young when he died. I wonder what happened.  His mother was Luella Gertrude Sanchez Keene, my Grandpa Don’s sister.


Michael F. Keene 21, of 11250 26th Av. S.W., died today in a hospital.

Mr. Keene, born in Seattle, had resided here all his life.  He attended Lafayette Elementary School and was graduated from West Seattle High School in 1961.  He was a telephone repairman for the Western Electric Co., Inc.

Survivors are his wife, Dorothy; a son, Scott, and a daughter, Kelley; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Keene, and two brothers, Jim and Tom Keene all of Seattle.

Funeral Service will be at 1 o’clock Saturday in the Washington Memorial chapel. Burial will be in Washington Memorial Park.

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This week’s favorite posts:

  1. We’ve all seen some pretty bad spelling as we read through old documents.  I’ve never personally come across a Dorset accent though.  Wow.  Check out Caroline’s post A Strong Dorset Accent at Caro’s Family Chronicles.  I won’t complain about spelling ever again!
  2. I was so excited to read Those Places Thursday: Down on the Edwardian Farm over on Hibbitt Family History Blog.  I am a nerd and I love PBS/BBC shows.  I watched 1900 House and Frontier House and Colonial House and Texas Ranch House.  I think I watched one about WWII in England also.  I really don’t watch as much TV as it sounds.  I actually don’t even have cable/satellite.  Anyway, apparently there is another show that I now need to watch – Edwardian Farm!  Now I just need to figure out how to watch it, since I don’t get BBC Two.
  3. I have to mention Wendy’s post Wedding Wednesday: Milton Price Brittain & Nancy Garriott.  I love reading posts about my own ancestors.:)  I am descended through Milton & Nancy’s daughter Mathilda Jane Brittain.
  4. Cherie at Have You Seen My Roots? makes me so jealous with her seemingly neverending collection of funeral cards.  Her latest funeral post is A Double Rosbeck Whammy
  5. I loved Jo’s post Sports Center Saturday – NO SPEEDOS!  at Images Past. She has some wonderful old photos and a great sense of humor.:)
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Do people still bronze baby shoes?  I don’t ever see that anymore.  I know that I didn’t do it for any of my kids.

I kind of wish that I did though, because I absolutely love this little shoe.  Isn’t it beautiful?

It was my mom’s and I think it’s the perfect little family heirloom.

Do you have a bronze baby shoe?

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Wow, I’m getting this one in at the last second.:)

We’ll announce our best blog posts from the previous year (in this case, 2010) in the following 5 categories: Best Picture (that would be a photograph), Best Screen Play (story you would make into a movie including the cast), Best Documentary (investigative research), Best Biography, Best Comedy. Write up a blog post with links to your best articles in these categories and submit it to the COG! Feel free to use the iGene graphic if you’d like. The deadline for submissions is February 1st

The best of 2010!

Best Picture:
This year’s “Best Picture” award goes to 1900’s Schoolroom.  It is a beautiful old postcard-type photograph of some very well-behaved elementary school children.  Hands clasped and in their Sunday best in a small town Minnesota school.

Best Screen Play:
I would love to see a movie made from my Papa’s WWII experiences. He earned 18 battle stars and a purple heart while serving as a Marine on the USS Cabot in the Pacific.  I can’t even imagine what he went through.  His ship was hit by a kamikaze, which is when he was wounded.

Best Documentary:
The “Best Documentary” award goes to Those Places Thursday: Herencia, Ciudad Real, Spain.  It documents the history of this small Spanish town during the time period that my ancestors lived there.  I still have a lot of unanswered questions, but I learned a lot by doing some simple research.

Best Biography:
Looking through my posts, I realized that I’m severely lacking in full-up biographies of my ancestors.  Something to work on, definitely.  I chose a post entitled “Madness Monday:Hedger Pierce“.  I have still yet to find who his parents are, but I did finally find his death date!!

Best Comedy:
My Life is Laundry won for best comedy – although it’s true and I don’t know that I find it very funny!:)

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