Since I’m enjoying the beach this week while I’m on vacation in Florida, I thought I’d post a picture of others enjoying time in the sand.  They don’t look like they’re dressed for sunbathing though, do they?  I don’t think I’d be very comfortable dressed like that at the beach.  They must have simply gotten out for a picture. Sand in the shoes, how annoying.

I really have no information on this picture at all.  No idea who these women are, when this was taken (maybe in the 30’s), and what beach they might be at.  I see palm trees though and it looks like they were having a fun trip together! 🙂

This picture was amongst my Grandpa Don’s collection.  I am guessing that the woman on the right might possibly be one of his sisters.   Complete guess of course.  Do any of you recognize this beach?

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We are going on a much-needed family vacation this week!!

And we’re not visiting anyone.  Not that I don’t like to go and visit people, because I do – especially since we live so far from everyone we know.  But the truth is, we always take leave to go see people and we rarely go on vacation simply to relax and get away.

No genealogy will be done on this vacation either, because I’m not related to Mickey or Donald or Goofy.  Well, maybe Goofy. 🙂

By the time you read this, we’ll be enjoying Disney World with the kids.

They’ve never been before, so they’re pretty darn excited. And honestly we are too.  Everybody loves Disney World, right?

But after a few days walking around the parks with 5 little kids, going on dizzying rides and a whole lot of waiting in line, we’re going to need a vacation from our vacation.  Am I the only one that ever feels this way?

So, after our days at Disney, we’re driving down to Key West.  Just because we can.

And so, I’ll leave you with a picture from my childhood.

We lived in Southern California for a brief time (my dad had a temporary job there and we kept our house in Washington).  We felt like we were on one big vacation.  Sea World.  The San Diego Zoo. Tijuana.  And of course, Disney Land.  This is me, my sister, and one of my brothers with Mickey (I’m on the right).  I believe this was the summer of 1984.

What fun memories.  I’m glad that I’ll be making some of these with my own kids this week. 🙂

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Dr. John Jennings Moorman was my 4th great-grandmother’s younger brother.

He was resident physician at the White Sulphur Springs resort (Greenbrier) for many years and apparently wrote a memoir full of descriptions of the presidents and famous people he met while working there. He also wrote some books about the benefits of the water. I will write about all of that in more detail another time.

Today, I wanted to post his obituary, which I found while I was visiting Roanoke, Virginia last year. I wonder if he may have had another obituary written in West Virginia, where he lived for many years.  I also wonder if there may have been a more detailed obituary at a later date in this same paper, rather than a death announcement which this appears to be.  Sadly, it doesn’t give any biographical information or even list his relatives.

DEATH OF DR. MOORMAN – Dr. J.J. Moorman died at his residence in Salem last Thursday at 4 o’clock a.m.  Dr. Moorman has been for some weeks confined to his bed and his recovery scarcely hoped for, yet his death was quite a shock to the community.  He was 83 years of age and his long, useful and honored life has endeared him to all.  His funeral will take place this morning at 11 o’clock from the Presbyterian church in Salem.

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My interest in family history began at an early age.  I was in the GATES program in elementary school.  We always got to do neat studies on various subjects, one of them genealogy.

I was about 10 when I did this project in 1986.  It didn’t go beyond my great-grandparents, but I was fascinated.  When you’re a kid, you tend to think in the now.  I thought it was so cool that my great-grandparents had immigrated from Sweden.  I had never met them, and definitely had never heard their names before.  Lars and Eugenia Bergman.  So foreign.


We only worked on this for a few months and then moved on to another subject – maybe frog dissecting?  I can’t remember exactly.

Genealogy was shelved for me.

I didn’t revisit it again until I had my first daughter, almost 12 years ago.

I often wonder how much more information I could have gleaned had I asked my grandparents more questions when they were still alive.

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Another great week in the Genea-Blogosphere.  More fun links to share!

  1. I loved the Open Thread Thursday topic this week on Geneabloggers: Embedding Research Content on Your Blog or Website. It’s something that I’ve been pondering for quite some time.  I would love to have an easy way to share a few generations of a tree in a blog post – in a visually pleasing manner. 🙂
  2. I feel exactly the same way that Bill West, of West in New England, does.  So Many GEDCOMS, so Little Time.  How true.  I have records I copied from Virginia courthouses LAST MAY which I still haven’t transcribed, entered, and analyzed.  I still haven’t finished my DAR paperwork, and I have a tub full of papers to enter into my database.  I wish that there were more hours in each day. 🙂
  3. Did you know that New Zealand canceled their census this year, because of the recent earthquake?  How disappointing for future genealogists, searching for their ancestors. Alex, at Winging It, explains this in her post “No census for you“.
  4. Lisa, over at The Accidental Genealogist, has a list of blogging prompts inspired by Women’s History Month. Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women’s History Month.  I think I might join in on a few of these later this month.
  5. Keep ’em coming Wendy, keep ’em coming. 🙂  My cousin Wendy over at Shaking Leaves, keeps posting about our shared ancestors and I love it!  This week, she posted John Newton Garriott and Jane Alen Reed’s marriage record.
  6. I can’t wait to read the next issue of Shades The Magazine.  There are many exciting changes being made, and there are opportunities for you to contribute! Head on over and check it out.
  7. I love how Lisa of Old Stones Undeciphered honored her female ancestors through 10 generations of pictures. What a neat idea!  She submitted it to this month’s Carnival of Genealogy over at Creative Gene.
  8. I encourage you to check out My Georgia Roots, a new blog started by Georgia Tim. 🙂  He has some great posts this past week!
  9. I loved Emily’s Genealogy Rules over at More Than Names.  So true!
  10. I took Deborah’s advice, and I added “Faces of America” to my Netflix queue.  Head over to Irish Genealogy: The Faery Folk Hid My Ancestors and read her review.

There won’t be a favorites post next week, as I will be enjoying myself in sunny Florida!!! 🙂

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