Genealogy for Kids

I have a bunch of little kids and I do a lot of genealogy, so it’s natural that I am excited about getting my kids interested about genealogy!  I have to have someone to pass the torch to when I’m old and gray, right?

I started earlier this year by taking my daughter with me to the NGS Conference in Charleston.  Here is the video she made of the experience.

Later, as I was preparing our lesson plans for our upcoming school year, I decided that I wanted to incorporate our family history into our world history studies and I made some different worksheets for them to use throughout our year.

I thought that I’d share these with anyone else who might like to use them.  So, here they are….

I will be adding more as I make them throughout the year. 🙂

F i n d   i t
B l o g r o l l
T a g s
B u t t o n