George Agee declined being Executor

George Agee was my great-grandmother, Viva Agee Edwards’ brother.

I’m not sure why he declined being executor of his father’s estate. I’m assuming that it’s because he lived in South Dakota and couldn’t do it from afar.  He left it to his brother, John.

I, George Agee, do herein decline the appointment as one of the executors of my father’s estate, and respectfully asks the court to name only one Executor, namely, John Agee. I further state that I know it to be the desire of all of my brothers and sisters that John Agee be the sole Executor.  Dated at Jefferson, So. Dak. this 9th day of July 1938.

{signed} George S. Agee

Subscribed and sworn to me this 11th day of July, 1938, by George Agee personally known by me to be the same identical person whose signature appears above.

{signed} William Moon, Notary Public

County of Union, State of South Dakota

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