Amanuensis Monday: Divorce of Eliza and Elias Stafford, Part Two

Part Two of the divorce of Eliza and Elias Stafford in Leavenworth County, Kansas.

Eliza Ann Stafford
Elias Stafford}
And now on this day comes the said Plaintiff Eliza Ann Stafford by Green + Foster her attorneys and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that on the 22nd day of April AD 1871 a summons was duly served herein on the said Defendant Elias Stafford by the Sheriff of Leavenworth County, to whom the same was directed and delivered by delivering a c____ thereof to ___ the said Defendant personally at and within said Court of Leavenworth before the return day mentioned in said Summons and the said Elias Stafford still failing to f____ answer or de____ to the Petition of the said Plaintiff herein ____therefore this action being called for trial was submitted by said Plaintiff to the Court and came on for trial and to be heard by and before the court upon the Petition of said Plaintiff herein and the Evidence adduced and the Evidence and proof having been offered herein and the court having heard the same and being now well advised in the premises doth find for the said Plaintiff Eliza Ann Stafford and that her said Petition is true – and that said Plaintiff had been an actual resident in good faith of the state of Kansas for one year and more next preceding the filing of her Petition herein and that she was a resident of the said county of Leavenworth at the time of the filing thereof and the Court doth further find that said Plaintiff and Defendant were married as in said Petition is alleged and that said Defendant Elias Stafford is guilty of Adultery and of gross neglect of duty as charged and alleged in said Plaintiff’s Petition. It is therefore and for and because of the fault of said Defendant Elias Stafford __ of the Court now here considered ordered adjudged and decreed that the said Plaintiff and Defendant herein be divorced from the bonds of matrimony and that the marriage contract and relation heretofore existing between said Plaintiff and Defendant be and the same is hereby dissolved set aside and wholly annulled and the said Plaintiff wholly released from the obligations of the same: and it is further considered ordered and adjudged that the guardianship custody, support and education of Charles E. Stafford the minor child of said marriage mentioned in said Petition be entrusted to said Plaintiff and the said Defendant forever joined from in any manner interfering with her control guardianship custody or education of said minor – and it is further ordered that said Defendant be enjoined from claiming or exercising any right to the use benefit or enjoyment of any services or ____ of the said John M. Stafford a minor child of said marriage mentioned in said Petition and that said Plaintiff be entitled thereto. It is now by the court here further considered ordered and adjudged that said Plaintiff Eliza Ann Stafford as alimony __ have and recover of and from the said Defendant Elias Stafford the sum of one thousand dollars together with all her costs by her in and about their suit in the behalf ___ and that execution issue therefore and that the said Plaintiff Eliza Ann Stafford further have and recover as alimony of and from the said Defendant Elias Stafford the further sum of forty dollars per month from the present time ___ three months ___ and that the same be paid in quarter yearly installments of one hundred and twenty dollars each reckoning from this date and unless the said Defendant Elias Stafford shall and do for or cause to be ____ to the said Plaintiff Eliza An Stafford the sum of One hundred and twenty-dollars on the day of each and every January April July and October in each and every year from and for the present time, that execution shall issue therefore and if any of said installment or any portion thereof shall hereafter become due and be not then paid execution shall issue therefor together with the cost thereof.

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