Follow Friday: This Week’s Favorite Finds

I can hardly believe that it’s MARCH already!  This is a big month for me.  A really busy month.  I have two kiddos with birthdays.  I’m walking a marathon – the Bataan Memorial Death March in just a few weeks.  I have a two-week long Spouse’s Leadership Development Course to take from 5-10 p.m. every night (so I can learn how to be a Sergeant Major’s wife!).  We have a week of spring break, which we will spend driving and hiking and sightseeing around Arizona and New Mexico.  I have a bunch of illegitimate Swedish ancestors to track down through the parish records. Oh, and I have to homeschool my 5 kids at some point in time.  Geesh!

I have big news too.  Well, news that big news is coming.  On Monday, we should find out where we’ll be moving to this June.  It’s exciting.  I am so incredibly anxious to find out, but I have to remind myself to not get too worked up about where we’re going, because until we’re physically there it could change.  I’m a seasoned Army wife, so I”m ready for the chaos when it comes.  I can’t help but hope that wherever we move, it’s either close to where some of my ancestors lived so that I can do some firsthand research or else close to one of the big conferences so I can attend one of them.

Well, on to this week’s favorite finds….

  • Did Some Dude on a Boat Decide Your Fate? over at Clue Wagon got me thinking.  I personally don’t live in the same place my ancestors lived, because we’re a nomadic Army family.  However, my mom does lived within two hours of where her Swedish grandparents immigrated to (Seattle) in the early 1900’s.  And we’ll be moving back there when my husband retires.  My husband’s family is in Douglas County, KS (and has been there since 1854).  They didn’t step off a boat, but moved from Virginia and have been in Kansas for over 150 years.  That’s a long time!
  • I love family heirlooms and thought that these glasses over at Nolichucky Roots were so special!
  • I’m really looking forward to the new Finding Your Roots show on PBS, which is premiering March 25th!!
  • This would be More Than I Could Stand also!  How hard to have been trying to plan a wedding and not have a mother there to help out.  I can’t wait to hear what happens next over at Family Archaeologist.

And a few pictures to share…

My daughter Katie, who just turned 10 a couple of weeks ago…

Ellie, who is 12 going on 20.The bag of dead animals my children dissected this week.  Homeschooling can be messy!!And some lovely chocolate-covered strawberries I had the pleasure of tasting at a baby shower last weekend. 🙂



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