What are you searching for??

It’s always interesting to me to see what people are searching for when they find my blog.  Sometimes I think that what I have on my site is probably helpful to them – especially if we have a common ancestor or area of interest.  There are other times though that I can’t help but think that these people must have been disappointed to find me….

I got this idea from Amy over at the wonderful We Tree blog.  🙂  Head over there to read her interesting searches.

War of 1812  
This is probably one of the most popular search terms that brings people to my site – and that scares me.  I have no expertise and little advice on War of 1812 research.  I do have an ancestor who I think served, but I have yet to prove that.  Sorry.  I guess maybe I should do some more research and study so that I can write a proper post about this war since everyone seems so interested!!

Where Hungarians lived when they immigrated to America
I am so sorry if you came to my site looking for information on Hungarian research. I’m not sure why you were directed here, but I have NO Hungarian ancestors and no knowledge of Hungarian research.

Drank himself to death
I do have an ancestor that appears to have died of drink.

Book-a-holic website
I am a book-a-holic for sure.

I am sorry you have lost a branch off your family tree.
How sad. How on earth did you lose a branch off your tree??  I’m sorry too.

Setting of Don Quixote.
I do have an ancestor who lived in the region of Spain where Don Quixote was based.

Where is Niagara Falls located on a map.
You are much better off using Google Maps for this question.

Vapor Bath 19th Century
I did in fact mention vapor baths in one of my Shopping Through the Ages posts.

The building where cookie monster lives
I’m not kidding. I don’t ever recall talking about cookie monster. Or where he lives. And he’s definitely not in my family tree – although I do really like cookies.

Old West Mini Roulette
Sounds like fun!

Greek Family Tree including Atalanta
I don’t have any Greek roots (that I know of) and I definitely am not related to the Greek Gods. 🙂

bicentennial baby girl
That’s me!!

in every family is there some one famous?
I suppose eventually there is.

happiness is a warm puppy
My mom passed this book on to me and I’ve always loved it.

reading Chinese gravestones
Can’t help you there. I could probably help with Russian ones! 🙂

spain basque farmer clothing

treasures in walls benton county iowa
I wonder what treasures might lie in the walls of Benton County, IA. Who knows what might be found!

what happened to the moorman slaves of virginia
I do have Moorman ancestors who lived in Virginia and owned slaves. I’m more than happy to share what little info I have on them!

dutch police handcuffs
I’m baffled. No answer here.

i am my ancestors
Yes, we are all part of our ancestors.

diaper 11 yrs
Hmmm. Is this an 11 yr old diaper or an 11 yr old in a diaper? Either way, I’m not sure why google sent you here. 🙂

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