Follow Friday: This Week’s Favorite Finds

I have to admit that I”m really dragging this week.  Struggling to keep my eyes open all day long.

I’m not exactly sure why I’m so exhausted – and NO I’m not pregnant. 🙂

I think that it has something to do with my kids being in VBS every morning this week.  You would think it would be a nice break for me (and it is), but it means that I have to get them all up and dressed and fed every morning and out the door and down the road in order to enjoy three hours of peace and quiet.

You can tell we are homeschoolers, because we’re not used to the out the door in the morning thing. 🙂

Besides being gone a lot this week, I’ve also been spending every waking minute at home preparing this year’s school lessons.  It is so time consuming, but it must be done.  I have to be organized and prepared so that I can be on auto-pilot during the school  year.

I will be back to regular posts within the next week or two – as long as I can get all of this done.

Well, enough of my explanations, and on to this week’s favorite finds…

  • Do you have any families that you feel “unattached” to?  Valerie over at Begin with ‘Craft‘ just doesn’t feel a connection with her 3rd great-grandmother.  I have this problem with a few different lines and I really can’t put my finger on why I feel that way.  There are some  ancestors that just spark my interest and others that don’t.
  • Can you ever have too much information in your genealogy research?  I’d have to agree with Marian that the answer is no. 🙂
  • I have never tried Czarnina, aka Duck Blood Soup before – and I can promise you that I never will!  It was very interesting to hear Jasia’s recollections of her poor mother having to make the stuff though. Head over to Creative Gene to read all about it.
  • Judy, over at Curbow-Montoya Family, posted about “Whatever Happened to Mayberry?”  How true!!
  • I have really been enjoying Linda Gartz’s series about Lisi’s voyage across the ocean over at the Family Archaeologist.  I love how many little details she has – menus and things she bought. Why didn’t my great-grandmother keep such a detailed diary on her trip from Norway??  Of course, maybe she did!  That would be a treasure to find someday, for sure…
  • Professor Dru has a great new website : Youth Genealogy & Historical Research.  Check it out!
  • Don’t forget to listen to the Geneabloggers BlogTalk Radio show tonight.  This week’s topic is “Your Story Matters: Capturing Your Personal History”. 
  • Next week, Legacy Family Tree is having a webinar by Karen Clifford, entitled “Organization for Success“.  I took a couple of college classes from her and heard her speak at our local genealogy society.  She’s a great speaker!

And now I’m back to entering in lesson plans…….


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