Having a Slight Panic Attack

I’m a seasoned Army wife and am getting very used to packing up and moving every couple of years. It doesn’t even faze me anymore.  I can sleep on a blow-up bed and eat slap-sandwiches for weeks.:)

The only thing that makes me nervous is packing up my genealogy stuff.  Documents.  Pictures.  Heirlooms.  Papers.

I absolutely hate seeing it put into boxes.  Boxes that I will not be personally carrying. I have this fear that I might never see them again.

What if a train derails or the crate gets flooded? Or some family in Hawaii gets my box of Civil War pensions???

I know I’m being a tad irrational.  Our household goods have been moved from San Antonio to Copperas Cove to Monterey to North Pole to Savannah.  I’m sure they’ll make it to El Paso too.  But you just never know….

I’ve been digitizing my stuff when I have time.  I have my own little “scanfests” occasionally on the weekends.

But I’m nowhere near being done.

And the scanner isn’t working right now.

And the movers will be at my house in exactly one week.

And I have a zillion other non-genealogy things to get done in that week.

{Panic attack sets in.}

I am really hoping that I can get my husband to get the scanner up and working in the next day or two.  Then maybe I could at least scan what I think is most important.  It would ease my mind a bit.

Part of me wants to hand carry a couple of boxes of stuff that hasn’t been digitized.  But then I have to tell myself that it will be much safer in a crate on a truck to Texas than it would be in my SUV – especially since I’ll be homeless and traveling for about 25 days before we get there.  I think the chances of someone stealing my vehicle are greater than something happening to it in the crate.

How do you deal with your genealogical data during a move??

P.S. Yes, I actually blogged about this one short year ago when we moved from North Pole, Alaska to Savannah, Georgia.  The posts are almost identical, because I’m having exactly the same fears. And yes, my stuff made it here okay.:)


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  • Essa - April 21, 2011 - 10:34 am

    From one military spouse to another (and in the same GA gem city, too!), good luck with the move!

    We nearly always do partial DITYs, so the genealogical material traveled along with all the other irreplaceable documents.

    What I do for my other papers that I don’t want damaged is to load them myself into thick black garbage bags, knot them closed, and then pack them into apple boxes before the movers arrive. I then tape all corners of the box with strapping tape. I have yet to have a mover willing to undo those boxes just to repack them, so they just sign off on them as if they packed them, and they are still liable if they lose or damage them.ReplyCancel

  • Jen - April 21, 2011 - 7:14 pm

    What a great idea about putting them in bags.
    Wish we would have found each other sooner!!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Goodrum - April 26, 2011 - 3:25 pm

    Great idea from ESSA.

    I feel your pain but some things are simply out of your control. I hope you can scan a few of the highest priority items. Perhaps photographing some of the artifacts would ease your mind as well.ReplyCancel

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