Children of Carl Magnus Klarström, Part Seven: Napoleon Victorinus

What a name!

Napoleon Victorinus Klarström was the seventh child of Carl Magnus Klarström and Christina Elisabeth Bennberg.

He was born 26 February 1880 in Alvkarleby, Sweden – south of Gavle.

His father is again listed as “Klamparen”.  I got another answer to my question on the boards at Genealogy Wise and now I know that a Klampare was: A foreman or supervisor at a lumberyard whose task it is to oversee the sorting of wood that is left over from the saw mill. This sorting was organized into six classifications. The classifications vary according to the production.

Napoleon moved with his family from Alvkarleby to Lenhovda, then to Alem, and finally to Gavle in 1890 – where his father died that same year.  He would have been about ten years old at the time.

I have yet to find the family in the household examinations in Gavle, so I’m not sure how long Napoleon lived.  I didn’t find any immigration records on him, so I don’t believe he left Sweden like the majority of his siblings.

More mysteries to solve.

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