(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: It’s Raining Cats and Dogs

I know for a fact that the woman in the bottom picture is my great-grandmother, Patricia (Melhus) Sanchez.  I am assuming that it is also her in the upper picture.  She looks to be of the same build and has the same tights/shoes on.  I am also assuming that these were taken on the same day since it’s pouring down rain in both – and in both she is holding a large bunch of flowers – what kind I can’t tell.

My question is, why was it so important to be picking these flowers while it was obviously raining outside?  It looks like a hot-cocoa-by-the-fireplace kind of day to me. And why take a picture of this?  Was she going to a gravestone with flowers?  I will probably never know, but I’d sure love to hear your ideas!

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