Maritime Monday: Coast Guard Pictures

Last week, I posted some WWII-era Coast Guard pictures that looked very strange to me.  Thanks to my uncles for their insight on what was going on.  It all makes sense now.

I was in the Air Force (not that I know anything about planes) and my husband is in the Army.  If the picture had been of tanks, Andy could have given me a detailed 50-page report on it.  Anything boat or navy-related is not my thing.  I still find the pictures interesting, even if I’m clueless.

This week, I am sharing some more pictures of Coast Guard operations. I have posted one of these pictures earlier this year.

Is it just me, or does it seem odd that they are transporting a vehicle on two very small boats?  And the boats are facing opposite directions.  How would they move?  One would be going backwards.  Why would they need to move this vehicle?  Are they on an island somewhere? Am I just a complete ditz?  Anyone out there have any ideas?

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