Focus Jennifer, Focus!

I’m a multitasker – much to my husband’s chagrin.

For some reason it bugs him that I fold laundry while I watch TV, type while I hold a conversation with him, or gab on the phone while I’m doing dishes.  I personally think that he’s just jealous, because he can only do one measly little thing at a time. 🙂

I have to admit though that my genealogy multitasking sometimes gets me into trouble.

It causes me to search databases that I’ve already looked through.  And I tend to not get very much done on any specific line.

I’ve decided that when it comes to family history, I need to just focus.  Focus on one line or one family group until I feel like I’ve exhausted my resources and then move on to another.

It goes against my very nature, but I believe that it will help me in getting some more research done.  Because honestly, lately I haven’t been delving very deeply into any one line and it makes it harder for me to “get into it”.

I like it when I am deep into research and I’m constantly thinking about that family – coming up with new ideas about how to find information.

When I’m concentrating on that one “problem”,  I tend to eventually have some sort of an “aha” moment and I end up breaking through a brick wall.  I also have an easier time keeping track of where I’ve searched before when I have been working on the same problem for weeks.

Now I just need to decide which line to start with!!

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